Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clock, round one

Last night, instead of collapsing after work, and instead of working all night, I started painting the clock. Raw umber, olive green and titanium white, with just a little hint of Naples yellow and a bright orange. Round two will probably involve some indigo, to make the clock a little less brown and a little bit more gray. Round two will also involve fixing a little bit of wobble at the top of the clock, where a line that's supposed to be vertical slopes inwards.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting There

I finally had the time to paint this weekend. Worked more on the ground and started the people (and the bus) to the right of the clock. I started doing something new, using a short, stubby brush to draw outlines. I think I like it. I've been afraid of bold lines, even though I'm drawn to them.

I wish the photographs could do a better job of showing you what the painting looks like.

Next time: the clock and flower bed!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Working on the People

I got a little bit more done recently. More work still to go. I like the woman with the two kids, but the seated woman in front of them needs to have her sunglasses toned down. The ground needs some work too.

My first reaction at the end of the last painting session was not good. I did not like the way the people looked. They all seemed too intense, too different in style from the beautiful trees. My tendency is to have one of two reactions at the end of a painting session: either excited & pleased, or dismayed & annoyed. However, after several days, I eventually can see what really is good and how to improve the parts that aren't as good.